Minimalist CX Bathroom That is Elegant

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Whoever said that minimalist bathroom is just something simple and plain should definitely look at CX Bathroom. Yes, the bathroom is simple. Yes, the bathroom has minimum amount of furniture. Yes, the bathroom has simple color scheme. However, that is what makes the bathroom looks elegant despite of its simplicity. I am sure using the set created by Duscholux can make one love his bathroom more than ever.

Simplicity of CX Bathroom

I am still amazed at the elegance of CX Bathroom by Duscholux even though it looks so simple when it comes to the design. Everything about the bathroom is painted in black, from the walls to the floor. Do not worry about the gloomy painting of the bathroom, because the black is not a matte black but a shining and polished black that would gleam in the darkness. Also, there are some sides that are painted in white, and its vertical pattern would make the non-white wall look like a mirror at times.

What about the furniture of the bathroom? Well, we are getting into that now. The shower is a pretty unique shower where the bottom half of the shower is made of thick white wooden section whiles the top section is made of glass. The shower looks like a slanted “L” because of the mini slanted shower at the top. There is also a square bathroom in white for those who prefer bathing rather than showering. For illumination, the designer decks the bathroom with yellow candles here and there. Is not this romantic?

Simple Elegance of CX Bathroom

As it can be seen from the pictures, the bathroom is nothing that is really outstanding, as the bathroom is decked with simple furniture and painted in simplicity. However, the simplicity is the plus point of this bathroom. It has the space that is needed for the resident to breathe, and the simplicity of the bathroom will help the resident to feel more relaxed in the bathroom. This way, the resident can enjoy his moments in the bathroom without feeling anxious whatsoever. I mean, the whole point of bathrooms is relaxation, right? Well, that is what the elegant CX Bathroom by Duscholux will give to those who bought it.

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