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Who says that contemporary furniture cannot be minimalist at the same time? Wanting to try something different, the designers of Presotto Italia tried to fuse the two different styles of contemporary and minimalism into one, and viola! It works! The minimalist theme of the room is not made better with the contemporary but simple furniture created by Presotto Italia. Trust me, the rooms actually do look good.

Contemporary Furniture in Minimalist Rooms

Instead of clashing with the minimalist style of the rooms, the contemporary furniture in living room ended up fusing with the minimalist style perfectly. One of the rooms uses black and white as its theme. In this theme the white ceilings and floors of the room is decked with black fur carpet that is placed below the white reclining chair. At the right side of the carpet is where the small black marble table with its white ornament placed, while at the left side of the carpet is where the furniture with contemporary style is placed. Wrapped in black, the furniture is a drawer with shelves at its sides, and a television is placed in the middle of the “hole” of the drawer. It definitely fits the black and white theme, right?

Of course, that is not the only color and shape the contemporary furniture could have. A perfect example would the set of television cabinet and the shelves above it. The cabinet is placed on a block of material that extends all the way to the left, creating a space for ornaments whatsoever. Above the black television, hanging cabinets in the same color of brown is placed. Do not worry about the color scheme, because the brown fits the black color of the wall. Despite of the different color and design, the furniture is still unique and matches with the minimalist style of the room.

Adaptable Stylish Contemporary Furniture

As it can be seen, the furniture is something that is easily adaptable to its surrounding. The furniture might be unique and odd in design, but the simplicity of its design and color makes it easy for the eyes, making everything less awkward and odd. I am sure this unique contemporary furniture in living room can be placed in any living room, and it wills still loo great.

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