Mesmerizing White Kitchen Bring In the Modern Atmosphere at Home

White Kitchen Design 2013 Simple Kitchen Island With Wide Open Kitchen Space

It is not every day that you can catch the beauty of white kitchen inside a house. This pristine white kitchen looks mesmerizing and caught people’s eyes. The simplicity and luxury shows out from the white appearance with the combination of modern kitchen design and simplicity of minimalist details.

This white kitchen design is quite simple. It used modern kitchen design which gives sophisticated look along with straight lines sleek appearance. The entire kitchen cabinet door has hidden handle which gives the cleanliness that you are looking for. The kitchen itself is divided into three parts. The first part is the built in kitchen cabinet where you can see that the tall kitchen cabinet is planted on the wall and gives clean appearance. You can place the microwave oven on it.

The cooking venue is located in the next wall on the side of the window. In this floating kitchen cabinet you can see the modern stove is planted over quartz kitchen counter tops. The white quartz kitchen countertop looks amazing with the black glossy stove. Above the stove you can find slanted stainless steel exhaust to keep the kitchen out of the cooking smell. Beneath the stove you can find hidden dishwasher which allows you to clean up all the mess from the party last night instantly.

Between the built in kitchen cabinet and the floating kitchen cabinet you can find the long kitchen island which also function as dining table. The kitchen island is divided into three sections. The first section is where you preparing the food, the middle section are the dining area while the last section is the sink where you can clean all the fruit and vegetables before using it. There are more photos of white kitchen design ideas in gallery below that will really mesmerize you from the look and style.

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