Mesmerizing Holiday Resort at the Oasis

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Breathtaking is the first reaction when I see this holiday resort. Located in the desert oasis, this beautiful hotel offers the luxury and ethnic experience to its guess. From a far this resort looks like lonely fortress in the middle of the vast desert, surrounding with local Ghaf trees. Contrary with the dry desert surrounding environment, all villas in this resort has its personal pool. The pools give refreshing ambience in the droughty surrounding. The resort not only has personal pool, but also big public pool on the side of the resort with the view of the vast desert.

Experiencing Holiday Resort

Staying in this exclusive holiday resort will give you experience like Arabian royalty. Sleeping in the luxury bedroom with layered curtain bed, bathe in the private bathroom with outdoor view, and have dinner in a very extravagance dining room. As you can see, the modern luxury combines with nature wisdom give very authentic feeling about Arabian Night. Even though you were out of nowhere in this resort does not mean that you cannot contact the outside world. The resort also provides a sophisticated office for your need of business. The office has high ceilings to overcome the heat environment while in the same time give space for outside look by the use of big glass walls which can be closed with curtains. In the middle of the room is hanging a very beautiful chandelier to add another luxury.

Total Luxury in Holiday Resort

The resort is not only offer the layered room. There is other option if you are not keen about the layered room. If you like more simple design, there are rooms that can accommodate your desire, but still with the Arabic touch. You can see the touch of Arabic from the unique pattern hat applied in chandelier above, bed side lamps, drapery and partition in the room. Spa, sauna and Jacuzzi in this resort will surely indulge your sense and invigorate your body and soul.

So many luxuries in this resort that cannot enough to be explain. Let these pictures mesmerize your imagination. Enjoying the afternoon while sitting in the side of the pool and experiencing exotic light from the rooms. The villa exterior is made to resemble the dome tent like the Arabian tribe tent. Sitting on the side of the pool is given the look of desert landscape from a far. This holiday resort designed to meet all the guest needs, start from indulging all their senses, and spoil them with luxury to fulfill their business needs.

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