Majestic Yemanja Resort for the Perfect Gateway

White Bedroom Picturesque Getaway On Mustique Private Island

Staying in the Yemanja Resort is definitely the ultimate vacation for everybody. Located near the Mustique Island’s Macaroni Beach, this resort adds luxury with nature through its traditional ornaments and the natural materials that made the resort. Everything is also there in this villa, giving every need the current residents want. Trust me, staying in this grand resort will define everybody’s vacation into the world “perfect.”

Natural Luxury in Yemanja Resort

Spending vacation in Yemanja Resort Mustique Island is definitely something grand. Even the sky view of the resort is grand already. From up above, round roofs and large straw roof can be seen from up above, with other floors below the huts and the swimming pool next to the straw-roofed hut. The swimming pool has marble stairs that lead to the grand interior design of the resort. White reclining chairs decorate the ends of the stairs, giving haven for those who want to take breaks from the swimming. The hut next to the swimming pool is the hut that is shaded with straw roof to add the tropical feeling to the resort. Natural and elegance, both of them are fused together in this luxurious resort, even if it is only the outside part of the resort.

Of course, the natural ambiance is still there inside the resort. Although the double bed is in white, it has beautiful blue ribbon-like pattern, while the wooden side tables placed at the sides of the tables are decked with dim yellow standing lamps for romantic vibe. The door with stone-patterned curtain leads to the fresh outside, where a reclining chair is placed to enjoy the natural scenery of the resort. Two wooden chairs are placed at the front of the bed, with a mirror hanged above the bed complete the two chairs as they have the same design. Blue oceanic paintings are also placed at the side wall. Outside and inside, nature will always be there inside this resort.

Vacationing in Yemanja Resort

As it can be seen from the pictures, the resort has a grand and gorgeous appearance with the same kind of excellent service. Through its amazing preparation, the resort will give one-in-a-kind vacation that will never be forgotten ever. Vacationing in the luxurious Yemanja Resort in Mustique Island will never make Mustique Island the same ever.

White Carpet Bedroom Picturesque Getaway On Mustique Private Island

White Twins Bed Picturesque Getaway On Mustique Private Island

Wooden Table White Sofas Picturesque Getaway On Mustique Private Island

Yemanja Resort Picturesque Getaway On Mustique Private Island Design

Yemanja Resort Picturesque Getaway On Mustique Private Island

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