Magnificent Luxurious Penthouse in Miami

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Penthouse is no normal kind of residence. It is normally associated with bureaucratic houses of luxurious design and expensive prices. A luxurious penthouse, located in Miami, may amount to another to define luxuriousness in a step-ahead sense. The luxurious crib, owned by Pharrell Williams, a famous American Rapper, comes in construction of dome shape. The dome shape is applied to not only the exterior construction but also some details of the interior parts as well. There are two primary aspects that make the penthouse very expensive: The sophisticated interior arrangement and the panoramic view.

The Sophisticated Elements of the Luxurious Penthouse Interior

How sophisticated exactly is the design could be initially observed upon entering the penthouse. The middle section of the penthouse is a small staircases intersection that has a dome sprouting up high to support the roof. The staircases are of white color, some are just ascending in fashion, while others feature the detail of spiral. The room spans almost as if indefinitely due to the 9000 square foot area in a rounded fashion of a dome. The luxurious bathroom is the most prominent part of the house interior.

This bathroom comes in a very large room. There is a bathtub and a shower furnishing the bathroom interior. Each is separated for quite a distance to create a spacious look. The layout is the most interesting element. The room is built with wall and floor both made of tiles of marbles. Such implementation of composition makes an extremely glossy look. This is further reinforced by the concept of design the shower and the bathtub accommodates. The bathtub is a white ceramic bathtub of cream color and smooth surface while the shower has complete glass exterior.

The Panoramic View of the Luxurious Bathroom

Apart from the price, this particular penthouse is featured even on the main site of Freshome for the reason of its beautiful panoramic scenery. The extensive exterior construction of glass results in the penthouse being a penthouse with panoramic view. The view itself is not disappointing. The penthouse directly overlooks a city and an ocean landscape. The glass detail of the exterior is one of specific design that makes it impossible for people outside the building to look inside but makes it possible otherwise.

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