Magnificent Bright Modern Apartment by Ino Getiashvili

Dum Floor Lamp Purple Bed Sofa Sofa Cushions Blue Kitchen Furniture

Due to the decreasing popularity of typical houses as choice of residence, more and more people are moving towards selecting apartments. Apartment, after all, has its own value of being practical and compact in many regards. This is especially true for people who are really mobile and moving a lot from one place to another. Also, an apartment occupies a price which only accommodates its own functional property unlike houses that in its building requires the purchase of the land first. In designing the interior of an apartment, more and more people also show growing interest in bright modern apartment.

Reference for Bright Modern Apartment as Inspiration

Although the popularity of implementation of bright and colorful interior arrangement is on the run, many are still experiencing troubles in the process of designing it from scraps. Therefore, some finished pieces of architectural works are very important in providing the perfect outlook and reference to people in helping them to get a grasp on how to get started with their own modern apartment design. In such regard, freshome—a site dedicates itself on displaying many magnificent references of completed architectural projects, may serve the best choice.

One of the most prominent bright and cheerful apartments featured on Freshome is the interior of an apartment designed by Ino Getiashvili from Ukraine. The design features a simple layout of bright wooden floor in combination with clean white concrete implementation for the wall and ceiling. The color of the furniture is very bright. An example would be the set of sofas displayed on the living room which are applied with bright purple color. On the sofas, decorative items of pillows with brown colors are put to accentuate the cheerful atmosphere even better.

The Kitchen of the Bright Modern Apartment

The kitchen of this apartment is the part of the interior segmentation that should not be abandoned. In fact, in my opinion this particular room is where the striking vibrant design of this vibrant apartment makes the most appeal. The kitchen is really small and compact to fit efficiently with the limited space provided. The kitchen features a kitchen countertop with black splash back. There are two sets of cabinetries of distinct colors of blue and white. The white ones are lining up the top part of the counter while the blue ones are positioned to the bottom.

Glossy Dark Dining Table Letter Wall Decoration Blue Kitchen Drawer

Glossy Kitchen Island Range Hood White Kitchen Cabinet

Hidden Light Padded Headboard Glossy Quilt Beautiful Wallpaper

Modern Pendant Lamp Purple Bed Sofa Range Hood Glossy Kitchen Furniture

Modern Toilet Large Mirror Porcelain Basin Stainless Steel Tap

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