Luxury Rustic House Design Comes in the Contemporary Idea

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This rustic home idea is the interesting house design that will make every people who see at this house feel very interested. It is caused by the exterior design of this house that has the amazing design. I feel the same feeling when I see this amazing house design. It is designed using the rustic theme that will make the people who see this house design become more interested. This Rustic House Design is designed by Studio MK 27. The location if this house is located in Brazil. I feel very amazed with the design of this house because of the unusual exterior design that will make me be interested in staying in this house design.

Exterior Design of Rustic House Design

The exterior design of this house is completed with the swimming pool design that will make me feel enjoy in staying in this amazing house design. The Rustic House Décor has the large dimension of the swimming pool design that can accommodate more people to swim in this swimming pool design. It is also completed with the lounge area that will be the place for me to relaxing the body after swimming in this pool design. Completed with the small lounge chair design, I also can do chatting with my family in this swimming pool design. The small café in this house is also can be the place for me to do the gathering time while enjoying the amazing design of this house.

Take a look at the interior of this house. It is completed with the modern and contemporary furniture design. The interior of this house is very comfortable. It is also completed with the huge glass window design that will make this interior design of this house stay in the bright condition because of the sunlight that can easily pass through this interior design.

Lighting in Rustic House Design

This design of the modern house design will save the electricity of this house. I don’t have to turn on the lamp of this house while the evening. The sunlight is also will make this Rustic Home Decorating healthier because of the vitamins that contains in the sunlight itself.

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