Luxurious Vivanta’s Exotic Ambiance

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Staying in Vivanta would be like staying in a grand palace. Located in Maldives, this hotel has a luxurious appearance that is not easily seen in people’s daily lives. From its refined furniture made with high quality materials and the location of the hotel itself, everything was prepared with care and exactness to give the best for its guests. Even if it is for a while, the guests will feel as if they are nobles in their very own kingdom in this hotel.

The Comforting Vivanta

Everything about the hotel of Vivanta by Taj is like a tropical palace that has its own set of retreat to be enjoyed greatly. The hotel has a round swimming pool that has illuminations on the round inside sides of the pool, giving a romantic ambiance that can be enjoyed from the wooden reclining chairs and their soft white pillows that surround the side of the swimming pool. Those who prefer private recreation can also enjoy the beautiful scenery of the sea by lying down on their white floor reclining chairs that are placed at the wooden verandas of the floating huts on the sea.

The comfortable ambiance of the hotel’s surrounding can also be enjoyed from the inside of the hotels. Many parts of the hotels are installed with large glass windows that replace the concrete walls, shortening the distance between the guests with the refreshing outside view. From the simple white bedroom suites and the bathrooms with porcelain bathtubs, the refreshing outside scenery will always be seen. The enjoyment of the sea scenery can also be felt at the dining hut, where the dining tables that are in black, white, and red are placed under the grassy roof of a hut, turning the dining room into an open space room.

Refreshing Vacation in Vivanta

There are other rooms that have not been mentioned (such as the stylish indoor bars and their purple neon lights), but I am sure this is enough to show the greatness of the hotel. With its grand design that also gives comfort, the hotel perfectly matches the beautiful surrounding of Maldives. Staying in the exotic Vivanta by Taj will definitely spice up the vacation in Maldives.

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