Luxurious Viceroy Bali Resort’s natural Ambiance

The King Viceroy Bali Resort  Creame Bedroom

The ambiance Viceroy Bali Resort gives is a proof that even nature can be combined with man-made luxury. Located in a strategic place, no other than the hills of Bali, this resort will definitely give memorable experiences through its luxurious design that connects with the surrounding nature. The guests’ vacations will definitely be enhanced through the unique combination of luxury and nature residing in this resort.

Combination of Luxury and Nature in Viceroy Bali Resort

Let us talk about the natural part of Viceroy Bali Resort of Bali first. At one of the higher level of the hill, a stoned veranda with swimming pool at the side of the hill is made. Decked with white reclining chairs, the guests can see the greenery of Bali by lying on these reclining chairs. The private rooms also have small gazebos placed in front of the private swimming rooms, and the guests can also enjoy the forest of Bali just by sitting on the white couches of the gazebo The fresh swimming pool and greenery can also be enjoyed by having outside dining at the paths of the swimming pool during nighttime. Everywhere, nature is always there.

Now let us talk about the luxurious aspect of the resort, something that can clearly be seen in the private chambers. With floor made of marble, the bedrooms have beds mostly in white, but they have wooden frames that extend all the way, creating side tables for the beds. Lamps are also attached on the beds, giving a dim romantic ambiance through the dim lights. The couches and coffee tables are also decked in dark elegant colors, and their raw materials are made of wood to match the luxurious appearance of the beds. The bathroom is as luxurious as the bedrooms, except that they are made with the grand marble to make a neater appearance that is also luxurious. The design might be simple, but the fact that they are made with refined materials cannot be unnoticed.

Feeling Nature’s Luxury in Viceroy Bali Resort

Some might wonder what the benefit of such strange combination that consists of luxury and nature. Why is that? Of course, it is no other than to enjoy nature in the different way. Feeling nature in the ordinary way is something common already, so why not enjoy nature with luxury also? This unique combination in the grand Viceroy Bali Resort of Bali is definitely something that should be felt by everybody.

The King Viceroy Bali Resort  Creame Long Sofa

The King Viceroy Bali Resort  Creame Wall Elephant Statue

The King Viceroy Bali Resort  Glass Door

The King Viceroy Bali Resort  Glossy Floor

The King Viceroy Bali Resort  Granite Floor

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