Luxurious Traditional Home with Astonishing Nature Surrounding

Turkish Decoration And Wine And Candle Preview From Kitchen

If you need an inspiration to transform your current traditional home to appear more luxurious and extravagant without leaving out the coziness, this waterfront estate will be a great one for you. This classic home showcases the Victorian style for the home design, which maintains the original exterior perfectly. What makes this home looks even more special, besides the wonderful traditional home design, is how this building is surrounded by the refreshing and beautiful natural environment.

As to maintain the luxury and the amenities, you can see how this traditional home interior successfully blends them with the proper selection of furniture to equip every space. For example, you can step inside this luxurious living room that brings in the fluffy and comfortable sofas in gorgeous purple color to provide the comfort for the family while hanging around in this space. Yet, you can also see the wonderful traditional design style for the classic coffee table, lightings, and the accessories. Notice also the magnificent design for the ceiling as well.

Moving to cozy and casual dining table, you can see the selection of fantastic rustic wooden dining set for this space. Sharing the same space with the L-shaped kitchen you can also see how this space successfully maintains the effective use of space as well. The white L-shaped kitchen in traditional style allows the maximize use of space available, while the rest of the space available can be equipped for the dining set. Yet, you can notice the concrete brick wall along with the wooden beam accenting white ceiling too. And do not forget about the fantastic classic carpeting and the beautiful, dazzling glass chandeliers hanging over the dining table.

Moving to the bedroom, you will still find this traditional home interior design as well. Choosing the simple white bedding successfully allows the magnificent traditional furniture and accessories stand out perfectly. As you can see, this beautiful bedroom showcases the dazzling accent as seen on the old and classic box that is designed with extravagant decoration. See also the marvelous desk lamp and the fantastic chandeliers in sophisticated shape. Decorating the white wall space, you can see the clever use of old and rustic wooden doors as exquisite headboard.

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