Luxurious TLV Apartments3 in White

Wooden Bookcase Luxury Apartment Wooden Floor Artistic Wall Mural

White can not only give a neat appearance, and TLV Apartments3 proved that. Located in Tel Aviv, this apartment is a project of Gamma Arc Studio, where the studio focuses on the pure color of the apartment while making the apartment luxurious at the same time. With its white color and unique design, the apartment matches with – The apartment’s design works.

Neatly Luxurious TLV Apartments3

The design of TLV Apartments3 by Gamma Arc Studio befits the busy view of Tel Aviv that can be seen from the glass windows that are located at the corner of the living room. At the side of the glass windows is where the television is placed, next to the black office chair that is placed at the corner of the glass windows. Across the television is where the gray leather couch is placed, allowing the resident to sit as he watches the television with Tel Aviv as its background. For those who wants to look closer at Tel Aviv. Behind the couch is where the dining table with the same material as the floor (wood, but brighter in color) located, complete with its black dining chairs. At the right side of the gray couch, the kitchen that has wooden wall is decked with the bad table that has mini bar chairs for its partner.

Going in at the white hall next to the kitchen will lead to the study room of the house. The white wall of the room is attached with wooden bars that serve as the shelves for the books, with the white study chair is placed across the attached book shelves. The bedroom, just like the other rooms, is neat and simple. Still in the color of white, The bed is made of two stacked mattresses decked in white sheet and blanket, with brown sides shelves placed at the sides of the bed. A large glass door with white curtain is placed at the side of the room, and next to the window is where the wooden stairs stand. The stairs serve as the hanger of the place for the clothes that are recently ironed. Nearby is a translucent doors that leads to the bathroom inside. The bathroom, staying with the theme of the house, is in white, starting from the bathtub to the sink.

Calmness of TLV Apartments3 in the Busy Tel Aviv

As it can be seen, everything about the house is simple and neat. The furniture’s placements are strategically designed, making the house looks elegant and neat. Moreover, the white that is everywhere in the apartment helps to give the residents the distraction from the busy Tel Aviv. Living in neat TLV Apartments 3 by Gamma Arc Studio is definitely the perfect choice in locations such as Tel Aviv.

Wooden Floor Luxury Apartment Black Side Chair Grey Sofa

Wooden Floor Luxury Apartment White Wardrobe Wood Chair

Wooden Floor Luxury Apartment Wood Dining Table White Bookcase

Wooden Ladder White Drapes Wooden Floor Luxury Apartment

Glass Wall Wooden Floor Luxury Apartment Ceiling Light

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