Luxurious Private Penthouse in Italy

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When I was in vacation in Italy, I stayed in Private Penthouse during I was there. That house is very amazing house that I have ever seen. It is caused by that house is also equipped with a modern interior and luxurious decorating idea. Actually, it began when I was in my vacation with me beloved wife. However, before I and she went to Italy, I was confused about deciding the best home stay for us to stay in. Luckily, however, my friend suggested the private and modern penthouse design which is very suitable for me and her to stay in.

Private Penthouse; Living Room

Actually, that home stay is located in Udine, Italy. At the first time I arrived in Italy, the first location I went was the penthouse. After have a long trip, I arrived in the Private Penthouse Design. At the first time I saw the interior design of the house, I was really amazed because that penthouse was luxurious and it looks like no other penthouse designs. In the living room of the penthouse, I saw there are many luxurious furnishings. They are including a set of comfortable sofa, glass table, and sofa cushion.

On the middle area of the living room, there are two glass tables. Those glass tables are very elegant ad it looks great. On the front area of the living room, there is also a very good multimedia entertainment system. Besides that, in that living room I also equipped with comfortable carpet design. That comfortable carpet is in red color. After I enjoyed the atmosphere of the living room in that house, I felt so hungry so that I moved to the kitchen and in that kitchen I saw there has been my wife who was cooking a meal for our dinner.

Private Penthouse; Kitchen

In that kitchen, there are many modern kitchen appliances. They are range which is equipped with its range hood, microwave and oven as well as refrigerator. After the dinner was ready, I decided to have a dinner with my beloved wife. After I had a dinner, I was so tired and sleepy. In that Modern Private Penthouse Design, I slept in its modern bedroom with my wife.

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