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My grandfather and my grandmother have divorced but they still live side by side. Their houses are built in same styles. First, I visit my grandmother’s house whose all of interior is polished in bright color. I get into kitchen since my grandmother surely will cook my favorite foods every time I visit her. White beadboard in kitchen arouses bright visualization. Moreover, glass bay windows and glass door in kitchen enables sunlight brightens this living space. Laminate kitchen set arouses warm atmosphere over kitchen. As we all know laminate furniture tends to be cleaned easily. Modern Kitchen Design applied here is quite tidy and precious.

Modern Kitchen Design in Bright White Decoration

Laminate base kitchen cabinet matches to create natural Modern Kitchen Design. White kitchen island is compatible with white beadboard and ceiling in this kitchen. Stainless steel range hood and kitchen appliances are fixed well in this kitchen. Glass windows in this kitchen enables sunlight comes into room to support growth of indoor plants. On laminate beadboard, I see white floating shelves where glassware is arrange neatly. White wall mounted table is supplied with stylish barstools in white color too. After visiting, my grandmother’s house I get into my grandfather’s house located next to this house.

Natural Touch of Modern Kitchen Design

When I come into this house, I am surprised of bright view presented by this modern kitchen. I assume that this kitchen has similar design with my grandmother’s house. Kitchen in this house is dominated by white color. White beadboard, white ceiling and sleek white floor arouse peaceful sight. Kitchen set applied here is regarded as luxurious furniture.

Kitchen shelf where glassware is stored is supplied with frosted glass door. Base kitchen cabinet under this kitchen shelf is crafted of wood with high gloss finish. Kitchen island is crafted of lacquered wood but its surface is covered by white laminate. Stainless steel tap and basin is fixed on kitchen island. White kitchen countertop is surrounded by black leather barstools. There are martini glasses and wine bottle on white countertop. Kitchen backsplash is enlightened by modern light to give shiny and natural Modern Kitchen Design.

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