Luxurious Minimalist Apartment Design Great Project

White Cube Moscow Minimalist Apartment Design  Glass Door Wardrobe

Last week, I was told by my girlfriend that she has just bought a Minimalist Apartment Design in Moscow. She said that she likes her new apartment because it is very simple and there are not too many decorations in her new apartment. Having been hearing that news, I was really curious about it. Luckily, my girlfriend knows it. I was invited to visit her apartment to accompany her in enjoying her new apartment for the first day. At the first time I entered her new apartment, I was really amazed as well as glad because I had a chance to enjoy the apartment even just for one night.

Simple Design in Minimalist Apartment Design

The first impression when I entered his Minimalist Apartment Design Interior is elegant and luxurious. Even though the apartment is only on the limited floor space, it even looks larger than it is. When I entered the apartment, I was greeted by a great living room design. That living room is very comfortable and there are also only two furnishings I saw at the first time in that living room, that is white – colored comfortable sofa as well as unique which is in the white color as well. Nevertheless, it still looks great and interesting.

In that living room, there is a large LCD TV. My girlfriend told me that the living room is her favorite room in his apartment. Due to it was night, my girlfriend prepare the dinner for both of us. I saw her when she cooked a meal for us to have a dinner. She cooked it in the modern kitchen. That kitchen is equipped with complete kitchen appliance. They are kitchen sink, microwave, open, and induction hob. The induction hob is also equipped with a range hood.

Luxury in Minimalist Apartment Design

That range hood is also designed in a unique design. After she cooked the meal, I and she had a dinner while enjoying the entertainment in the living room. After enjoying the multimedia entertainment system, I and my girlfriend decided to sleep. The bedroom in that Modern Minimalist Apartment Design Interior is very unique because it has a purple color in white decoration.

White Cube Moscow Minimalist Apartment Design  White Table

White Cube Moscow Minimalist Apartment Design  Glass Door

White Cube Moscow Minimalist Apartment Design  Ornamental Plants At Living Room

White Cube Moscow Minimalist Apartment Design  Purple Bedroom

White Cube Moscow Minimalist Apartment Design  Small Palm Tree

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White-Cube-Moscow-Minimalist Apartment Design  white sinks
White-Cube-Moscow-Minimalist Apartment Design  white long sofa
White-Cube-Moscow-Minimalist Apartment Design  wooden cabinets
White-Cube-Moscow-Minimalist Apartment Design  steel faucet
White-Cube-Moscow-Minimalist Apartment Design  small palm tree
White-Cube-Moscow-Minimalist Apartment Design  purple bedroom
White-Cube-Moscow-white curtains Minimalist Apartment Design
White-Cube-Moscow-Minimalist Apartment Design
White-Cube-Moscow-Minimalist Apartment Design  ornamental plants at living room
White-Cube-Moscow-Minimalist Apartment Design open kitchen
White-Cube-Moscow-Minimalist Apartment Design  glass door
White-Cube-Moscow Minimalist Apartment Design  white table
White-Cube-Moscow-Minimalist Apartment Design  white pillow
White-Cube-Moscow Minimalist Apartment Design  glass door wardrobe
White-Cube-Moscow-Minimalist Apartment Design  white bathroom


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