Luxurious Levin Residence with Modern Interior Design

White Loubge Chair With Modern Fireplace

When I was in my vacation in Arizona, I had a very good experience about the Levin Residence. Actually, it is my ole friend’s house which is located in Arizona. When I was in my vacation in USA, I told me old friend that I was going to go to Arizona. It is caused by her house was located in Arizona. He invited me to come to his house. At the first time I arrived in his house, I was so surprised because her house has a very interesting and great exterior design. I was really sure that he has redesigned his new house. It is caused by his old house was in a simple and vintage design.

Exterior and Architectural of Levin Residence

However when I arrived at his house for the first time since a long time I did not go to his house, there are many great changes. At the first changes that I saw at the first time in her new house, Mark Levin Residence is about the exterior design of his house. The exterior design of his house looks much more interesting and it has a great exterior design as well. Therefore, his house looks interesting than the other house design. I was really sure that he must be very delightful of being in that new house.

Besides that, there is also another interesting thing that I get from the exterior design of her house. That is about the green surroundings of her house. The green surroundings of her house come from the cactus plants. There are many cactuses around his new house design. The exterior design of his house is very amazing. It makes me more curious about the interior design of his house.

Interior Design of Levin Residence

Due to my curiosity, I decided to enter his house. In his house, I found there are many interesting things. One of them is about the living room. The living room in her house is very amazing. It is cause by her living room is also equipped with a set of comfortable sofa. That comfortable sofa is in white color. Therefore, the existence of that color in his Mark Levin Residence Arizona is very interesting.

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