Luxurious Hotel Antumalal for a Privileged Vacation

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One of the hidden gems of Chile is definitely Hotel Antumalal. Located in a secluded place that is separated from the urban area, the hotel is the perfect spot for those who want to enjoy Chile with a high class service. With many famous figures staying in this hotel already, from Queen Elizabeth to Neil Armstrong, the excellence of this hotel is definitely guaranteed.

Chile’s Luxury Hidden in Hotel Antumalal

Even from faraway, it is obvious that Hotel Antumalal by Jorge Elton is a luxurious place that is meant for its excellent service and design. The hotel itself is located up on the foot of a volcano that is located in Chile’s Lake District, surrounded with the green trees and fresh green grass along with the small flower beds that are lined up properly at the end of the sections. Its location is also a strategic spot because the location gives a direct sea of the river in Chile, making it the perfect hideout for those who want an undisturbed vacation. Chile’s river, mountains, the clear blue sky – everything can be seen from this hotel.
Having such strategic spot, of course the hotel makes sure that they can “exploit” the scenery and fuses it with the design of the hotel; and it works. The bedroom is painted with the natural scenery that can be seen from the huge windows placed right on the right side of the bed. This way, the guests can lie down on the simple white bed while staring at the outside scenery while the mini fireplace attached inside the wooden wall is lit. Everywhere in this hotel is surrounded with glass wall, from the meeting room that is decked with soft blue chairs to the living room where the white sofa decked with colorful pillows is attached to the glass wall. Even a section next to the round swimming pool has glass walls. Everywhere of the hotel is painted with the scenery of Chile.

Hotel Antumalal’s Natural Design

As it can be seen, the hotel literally merges with the scenery outside. By putting glass walls everywhere in the hotel, the hotel does not have to be decorated because of the scenery that “decorates” the hotel already. This way, the guests can enjoy the modern and elegant design of the hotel and the outside scenery at the same time. I think this is enough reason for one to visit the hotel. Who would not want to enjoy two things in luxurious hotels such as the refined Hotel Antumalal by Jorge Elton at the same time?

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