Luxurious Apartment Furnished with Artistic Value Decoration

Tribal Pattern Carpet Glossy Gold Wing Chairs Unusual Table Lamp Inspiring Wall Decoration

I do not know where I have to stay for a while since it is my first time visiting Porto Allerge in Brazil. Fortunately, I have a friend domiciles around here that I get from social media. I am so lucky because in difficult situation, I can find a friend that offer space to stay for a while. She asks me to stay at her apartment before I go back to my hometown. I like design of this luxurious apartment since it is furnished with luxurious furniture. She says that she gets this inspiration from Albus Design.

When I come into this room, I can see luxurious apartment furniture applied here and there. This room is occupied as living room and dining room without any border. This living room is furnished with benches of leather in dark color. These benches are equipped with rectangle coffee table in purple glass. This rectangle coffee table is furnished with small dragon ornament. Carpet in red color is adorned with ethnic pattern creates cheerful image. I find carpet made of tiger leather. This room is furnished with wood shelf with high gloss finish that looks so shiny. TV setup is melded into one package with this rack. A large number of books and glazed pot are arranged well in shelf.

Not only benches, but also shiny gold wing chairs and sofa made of leather furnish this living room. Nearby shelf, I see a statue of man figure crafted of gyps as artistic ornament. Bay windows in this room are concealed by venetian blind and curtain in classy design. Sleek square coffee table is embellished with carriage ornament. From here I can see dining set that is polished in white color. Dining table with white marble top looks great with padded white side chairs. Above dining table, there is pendant lamp crafted like flower which looks so classy.

When I get into bathroom, I see a large number of mirrors with classic frames adhered over bead board. Frame of mirrors are painted in glossy gold color. Bathroom wall bar is crafted of untreated wood where porcelain basin fitted on it. I also find other luxurious apartment furniture in classic style. Surely this classic style has high artistic value. Although it belongs to vintage furniture, it looks so classy.

Tribal Pattern Carpet Shiny Gold Arm Chairs Classy Sofa Dragon Ornament

Vintage Cabinet Artificial Flower Gold Lamp Shade Marble Cabinet Top

White Marble Dining Table Padded Side Chairs Fake Flowers Inspiring Pendant Lamp

Adolescent Blue Carpet Antique Arm Chair Vintage Cabinet Valuable Souvenirs

Antique Mirror Frame Shiny Animal Statue Ethnic Themed Carpet Inspiring Hidden Light

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