Loft Bedroom Creates Convenient Sense for Your Kids

Inspiring Loft Beds Red Fur Rug White Drapes Innovative Desk

I have no idea to stay during selection test held by university in this town. Fortunately, my aunt allows me to stay at her house for a while. I come into her house which is designed in amazing decoration and so are living spaces inside of house. She allows me to take a rest in a bedroom where her little son usually sleeps. This loft bedroom is decorated in great design. Bead board and floor is polished in white color so it arouses bright and wide atmosphere.

Loft bed that is applied in this bedroom designed in sophisticated flair so it makes me comfort to sleep. It is futuristic loft bedroom design that I have ever found. Small spiral staircase is applied on loft bed. It is furnished with railing of iron. This loft bed is really wide. Other furniture to accompany bed is quite compatible applied on it. Loft bed is painted in white and its frame is polished in dark color. Low profile bed in white color is chosen as layer for bed. I like bed sheet in soft color.

Next to this bed, I find desk in white color whose frames are painted in dark color. This desk is equipped with white swivel chair in contemporary style. There is unique shape of white bookshelf and computer on this desk. A large number books and other stationary are arranged tidily. Above bed, I find wall bar in cream color adhered on bead board. Hidden light is fitted nearby this wall bar. Under this loft bed functions as drawer and wardrobe to store clothes and other accessories.

I come into my cousin’s bedroom that is furnished with oft bed to. Loft bedroom set furnished here is designed in different decoration. Bead board and floor are colored in white color. I see two mattresses fixed on this loft bed with contrary direction. Bed headboards are painted in blue. Wall bar is crafted in unique shape is adhered on wall. Spiral staircase in white color is fitted on this loft bed. Lower space of loft bed functions as drawers. Black fur rug applied on floor to create warm sensation. Glass bay window also enables sunlight enlighten this room.

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