Lighting Complexity in Panel Yanev Studio Apartment

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The creation of All in Studio Panel Yanev apartment, an architect of, that is called as the atmosphere is the one that is use lighting as the main thing to focus on. In simple words, it can be said that the lighting complexity of the apartment proves that lighting is in fact something that can influence the life of the inhabitants of the living space. Other than that, the Panel Yanev apartment lighting system also gives of aesthetic value in the livings space as well even if there are no physical changings performed there.

Lighting Inspirations Obtained from the Apartment

Other than several great things mentioned about the lighting in Panel Yanev apartment before, there are still some other inspirational ideas that can be obtained from the lighting system applied in there. For example, the designer proves that actually light can be used not only to light every room in the apartment but also to divide room. Using different lighting mood to divide each room function in a studio apartment that is usually made with less room dividers is a really great idea to try The Interior Design of the apartment Created by Panel Yanev.

Three Different Scenes in the Apartment

As told before, there are in fact several types of lighting theme or mood that can be found inside Panel Yanel apartment. The first scene is called as the On Line that can be said to have standby mode. The next one is called as the Fine Line scene that tends to focus more on power saving mode. The best thing about this one is that relaxing atmosphere is something that can be felt so easily. It may be the reason why this lighting scene is the one applied in the living and multimedia room in the apartment. The last but not least scene that can be found in the apartment lighting is called as the Air Line scene that is made to

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