Large Winter Chalet in Italy’s Mountain

Astounding Winter Chalet Interior Using Rustic Wooden Ceiling And Glossy Metal Dining Table And Chairs

Having a winter chalet on the mountain will give you a warm place to stay while enjoying the white snow and the trees that can be seen from any part of the house. It may cost a lot and you will need a long time to reach there, but it will be worth it. The con3studio from Italy has built one of those chalets, located in the border between Italy and France, named Chalet Camelot. From faraway, you can see this building stands between the trees, yet they blend perfectly.

The white roofed winter chalet exterior uses wood and glass as their main material, as you can see that this house uses glass panels on the first floor and medium height windows on the second floor, except for the back side that uses whole glass wall with wood frames. There is also a small hallway outside, uses wood floor and glass ceiling. With so many glass panels as the wall, you can get the warmth and light of the sun that will go through the glasses.

Inside, you will find many uses of neutral colored furniture that will give you warm feeling. The family room uses black fireplace and has a flat TV on the top. For the chairs, this chalet uses three large grey sofas with two grey tables. Two of the sofas face the window panels and allow you to see the mountains. There are some white and black fur cushions here that give the warm feeling. Behind the family room, there are the kitchen and dining room that also uses neutral color.

The kitchen uses checkered flooring, black counters and two islands with stainless steel tops and stainless steel oven. The dining room is designed for eight people with black dining chairs and wooden table. The bathroom also looks warm with the uses of wood on the wall, flooring and cupboard, leaving this winter chalet interior looks so cozy on a freezing day.

Awesome Winter Chalet Architecture On Top Of Hill In Snow Season

Chalet Exterior With Wooden Deck And Wooden Column Covered With Snow

Fantastic Living Room Design With Neat Furniture Arrangement And Large Transparent Glass Installation As Window View

Great Kitchen Decor With Checkered Flooring Black Counters And Two Islands With Stainless Steel Tops And Stainless Steel Oven

Grey Sofa With Table And Integrated Wine Rack Wall Next To Wooden Stairs For Chalet Detail Interior

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