Kid’s Bedroom Design: Amazing Kid’s Room in Slovakia

Modern Boy Bedroom Design White Bed Black Pillow Star Wars Painting Wall

Creating kid’s bedroom can be so tricky, especially for people that don’t understand how to perfectly create it. However, if you want to create a nice kid’s bedroom design there are two great examples that you can use for your based design for your own creation. These two superb kid’s bedroom designs are located in Slovakia and it is created by very creative Slovakian designer, Rado Rick Designers. The owner of the house, where this cool kid’s bedroom design is situated, has two kids. One is the six years old star wars hardcore fan and the other one is a two years old princess.
The first amazing kid’s bedroom design that will talk about is the boys. This astonishing kid’s bedroom design is decorated based on what this boy is into, Star Wars. There is a big poster in the corner wall of this superb kid’s bedroom design and it is also equipped with a futuristic LCD TV stand. This incredible kid’s bedroom design is decorated by using modern minimalist design and it dominates by white color selection like you can find in the most of the furniture and the bed. It uses wooden flooring in order to give the kids comfort space while he played with Star Wars game PC.

The second perfect kid’s bedroom design will be the girl room. Just like usual girl room, this room is dominated by pink and white. The bed design is unique; there are four unique pillars in every corner of it. The most unique stuff that you can find in this wonderful kid’s bedroom design is the horse replica. It is what makes this space looks so playful.

Those two kid’s bedroom design is surely the perfect example for how gorgeous kid’s bedroom design should be look like. Amazing kid’s bedroom design like these two bedrooms is surely something that you need to create for your kids.

Star Wars Painting Boy Bedroom Design Wooden Floor And Floor Pillow

Amazing Boy Bedrom Futuristic LCD Stand On Wooden Stairs Shelf

Girls Bedroom Design Small Baby Chair White Wall With Small Hanging LCD Television

Great Boy Bedroom Design 2013 Stars Wars Theme Yellow Shelves Two Window

Little Princess Bedroom White Horse Replica On Pink Carpet

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