Kid bedroom with Calm and Fresh Decoration by Neopolis

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As usual, on weekend I always spend fun time with my nephew and niece. My brother would be glad if I accompany his children playing on weekend. Thus, I always visit their house every weekend. Among living spaces inside of this house, there is most often living space I visit that is kid bedroom. In this bedroom I can see my nephew and niece who are so cute and funny. Their bedroom is decorated with floral pattern applied on certain spot. Soft color of stripes wallpaper adhered over bead board in this space. I am interested circle decoration with floral pattern fitted nearby bed. My brother adopts Neopolis’ idea to design this bedroom

This bed is designed in stretch lengthwise that enable my niece and nephew sleep on their bed area. Bed divan is embellished with circle texture. Mattress is covered by stripe bed sheet. Pillows are wrapped in floral print pillow case. I assume kid bedroom decoration is intentionally created in soft color in order to give comfort and pleasant effect toward children. Laminate flooring represents warm atmosphere. Assorted box shelves adhered on wall nicely to store books and toys.

Laminate flooring is layered with cartoon carpets that arouse cheerfulness. Desks made of wood with high gloss finish are accompanied with modern swivel chairs in white color. Wall book shelves in box shape are polished in bright color to store books. This bedroom is furnished with cupboard containing a large number of toys. Doors of this cupboard are crafted of laminate material. Circle texture applied on doors of cupboard make this furniture looks so special.

Overall cheerful kid bedroom decoration is perfectly stuck out in here. Cheerful image of this bedroom is represented of colorful furniture. I see my niece’s favorite dolls crafted like sheep in white color lying on carpet.  Glass bay window concealed by white drapes lets sunlight brighten over bedroom. These drapes are equipped floral print curtain. On ceiling there is modern ceiling light crafted in rectangle shape resulting warm lighting effect. Of course design of bedroom in this way will enhance children to enjoy fun time in comfort space. Colorful decoration and calm design of furniture here are compatible for kids.

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Round Floral Headboard Modern Kids Bedroom Laminate Flooring Colorful Pillow Cases

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Abstract Pattern Wardrobe Laminate Flooring Colorful Box Shelves Floral Ornamental Headboard

Colorful Box Shelf Wooden Desk Modern Swivel Chair Colorful Carpet

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