Interior Design of Apartment in Stockholm Offers Coziness

Wood Dining Table White Sofa Unique Table Lamp Black Frame Window

I am intended to see my brother soon before I go abroad for some business. My brother lives in apartment in Stockholm area. I think his apartment is designed perfectly in order to provide comfort place for inhabitants. When I get insides I can see interior design of apartment in Stockholm that looks so precious and simple. My brother asks me to sit on white sofa in modern style. This sofa is embellished with several sofa cushions in same color. Frame windows over living space are decorated in black color. These windows are concealed by cream curtain.

This floor is crafted of white ceramic floor. Ceiling in this room is designed with dark brown of wood. This living space covers living room, fireplace, and dining room simultaneously. Living room is indicated by white sofa placed nearby fireplace. Coffee table is made of untreated wood and I see glass vase containing fresh flowers on it.  Under this coffee table there is fur rug in white color. White bench is placed next to sofa. Nearby windows, wall bar is adhered o it to place vase of flowers and table lamps. This wall bar is crafted in dark brown finish.

On other side of this modern apartment, I find dining set that is crafted of wood. Modern side chairs are arranged surrounding rectangle dining table that is made of high gloss finish wood. On dining table my brother puts table top. Pendant lamp with stainless steel shading lamp hangs on ceiling right above dining table. Between dining set and sofa, there is rack made of wood with dark brown finishing. Table lamp designs like mushroom and some books are placed on it.

My brother asks me to come into living space which is full of bookshelves. Those bookshelves are designed in glossy black color. A large number of books are arranged neatly on these shelves. I see divan that is equipped with mattress to take a rest. Several pillows are available on this divan. Sectional floor lamp can function as nightlight. Bathroom in this apartment is designed in white theme. Large mirror is fitted in this room in order to give wide visualization.

Wooden Floor White Sofa Rectangle Coffee Table Modern Fireplace

Artistic Loft Modern TV Setup Black Sofa Unique Hidden Light

Backsplash Floor Tile Rectangle Dining Table Wooden Side Chairs Bowl Pendant Lamp

Backsplash Floot Tile Ceiling Light Bright Corridor Wood Ladder

Backsplash Tile Bathroom Large Mirror Porcelain Sinks White Bath Tub

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