Interesting Home Design and Decoration with Cozy Atmosphere

Cozy Fireplaces With Soft Textured Rugs And Alluring Sofas Also Large Glass Window For Unique Modern Home Decor

The models of interesting home design and decoration become a challenge for the architecture to design interesting home but still have cozy atmosphere. There are many homes with amazing performance but some of them don’t have cozy atmosphere inside. So, making home which is create cozy atmosphere is a sort of difficult. One of the architectural firms who success builds a home with interesting idea is East West Real Estate. The designs of rooms in this home are so wonderful.

Here, you can see the pictures of the house design interior decorating. These pictures show many soft leather interior designs in each room such as carpet and bedcover. The first one is the appearance of the living room with soft black leather carpet. The appearance of the carpet is so soft. So, for the owner who has sensitive skin, can be calmly step on that carpet. Then, the soft leather is designed in the chair. The color of those chairs is black and white. Soft leather chair makes the people feel cozy stay at there. Like in bedroom, the appearance of the bed and carpet is extremely soft. The black leather makes the room get elegant performance.

In the dining room, a couple set of chair and table. The chairs are black and the table is brown with wood material. The appearance of the lamp is so unique. The shape of the lamp is like cutting bamboo. Then, the wardrobe is gloss model. The shine of the gloss wardrobe model is glowing. Move to the bathroom, the bathroom is designed by long room. The bathtub is simple with simple curtain beside it.

In a whole rooms home is so elegant design and decoration. There are eight floors include underground for parking area.  Absolutely this home is cozy to live in. The performance of the home is interesting. It is kind of unique modern home decor with elegant interior design.

Glass Fence With Wooden Fence And Large Glass Window Also Winter View For Unique Modern Home Decor

Large Glass Window With Soft Textured Rugs And Grey Alluring Sofas Also Glass Table Standing Lamp Grey Curtain For Unique Modern Home Decor

Modern Pendant Lamp With Wooden Dining Table And Black Dining Chairs Also Modern Kitchen Cabinet Also Grey Floor For Unique Modern Kitchen Decor

Rectangular Mirror With Stainless Steel Faucet And Black Porcelain Sink Also Pendant Lamp Wooden Table For Unique Modern Bathroom Decor

Rectangular Mirror With Stainless Steel Faucet And White Porcelain Sink Also White Bathtub Wooden Table For Unique Modern Bathroom Decor

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