Inspiring Unusual Bathtubs for Enchantments

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Whoever said that unusual bathtubs are not cool should definitely take back their words. I have seen some showcases where the bathtubs are in different shapes that are not usual. However, instead of thinking that these bathtubs are weird, they ended up being enchanting and fascinating. In fact, the whole bathroom seems way more special just because of that. The unusual aspect of the bathtubs just adds to charms to the bathrooms, making everything look better and prettier.

Unusual Shapes of Unusual Bathtubs

I am going to describe some of the unusual bathtubs styles I encountered during my trip throughout the world. One of them looks like a bucket instead of a bathtub. It has the shape of a bathtub that extends a little bit at its end, giving more and more the bucket impression. However, the bathtub uses the classical gold shower, and the bathtub is in the color of white to match the white surrounding of the bathroom. Another kind of bathtub is pretty much the same, except that is extends its shape more, looking more like a normal bathtub instead of a bucket. However, it has the lower part of its frame in the color of red, making it still look unusual for the eyes.

The other kind of bathtub is where the bathtub is dented in the middle of their longer sides, making the bathtub looks like a dented peanut with a hole in the middle of it. The bathtub is in the color of black, so this kind of bathtub is best used on bricks and related things that will create a classical style. The last but not the least bathtub is a normal white bathtub, but its classical shower is placed at the longer side of the bathtub.

Unusual Bathtubs for Decorations

The bathtubs might have some similar basic design, but they are still unusual as a whole. They have different kinds of showers, colors and some shape renovations that make the bathtubs unique. This way, the bathtubs can be used as decorations of the bathrooms, making the bathrooms more enticing and interesting. These unique unusual bathtubs styles are definitely worth it, so do not make fun of them because they can definitely change the bathrooms into something better.

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