Inspiring Modern Kitchen in Bright Decoration with Natural Furniture

White Grey Glossy Kitchen Firniture Ideas

My husband and I have just move to this town because we want to find different circumstance in new place. Fortunately, I can find new neighbors that are very friendly. I want to give handmade cake to them because I like to make cakes. I knock the door of my neighbor’s house located in front of my house. This house is designed in modern flair. Furniture applied here is crafted in modern style. There are white kitchen cabinets containing glassware in this kitchen. Surely white kitchen cabinet is suitable with bright white concept applied here. It is Modern Kitchen which presents cool view with stylish furniture.

Fresh Modern Kitchen

Sleek marble floor in this kitchen indicates luxurious style of kitchen. Dark kitchen island applied here is adorned with mirror elements that increase sparkling decoration. Kitchen island is layered with white marble, so it can be cleaned easily. White kitchen countertop is set on center of kitchen. It is adorned with mirror element too, so I can find shiny view in this kitchen. Above white kitchen countertop, there is white rack hanging o ceiling and it is made of wood. It functions to store kitchenware. White French windows and door increase brightness over kitchen. There lass pendants hanging on ceiling to illuminate Modern Kitchen Ideas.

Rustic Furniture in Modern Kitchen

Then I go to next neighbor who has modern house. But I am surprised when I look at kitchen designed in modern style but it keep brings out natural view. Kitchen set applied here is made of wood without high gloss finish. Of course it indicates natural aspect and warm atmosphere spread over kitchen. Actually I like interior design sticking out natural touch.

Wall kitchen cabinet, kitchen drawer, and cupboard are made of untreated wood. All of them indicate rustic style and warm atmosphere. However, contemporary kitchen appliances fixed in this kitchen create shiny look that makes kitchen decoration become more luxurious. Kitchen island is layered with dark laminate. Glass window in white frame allows sunlight come into kitchen. Kitchen countertop made of wood and dark glass on its surface is surrounded by dark barstools. It is rustic Modern Kitchen Ideas with wooden kitchen set.

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