Inspiring Bedroom Makeover Created by Decorview and Emily Herderson

Marvelous Bedroom Design In Bright Color And Allowing Sunshine To Entering The Room

Decorview collaborate with style expert Emily Henderson has inspiring bedroom makeover that can be an idea of makeover your bedroom. The dull bedroom from the client can be transform to the modern and attractive room design. Previously, the owner of the room who has three boys has opaque bedroom with all its furniture that does not matched each other. They are also useless for the room since they have not been opened.

After it is handled by the experts, it is clearly visible the bedroom make over before and after been renovated. Before makeover, the bedroom is messy and boring. It does not comfortable at all to live in. The wall, the table lamp, the bed does not attractive and they seem to be useless. After makeover, the bedroom is totally different with the previous one. It uses white wallpaper with floral pattern. The colorful furniture is added to color the room so that it can be attractive and joy atmosphere inside. Vivid green pillows are combined with white pillows and white bed cover. Two table sides in vivid green colors with two wood table lamps do not miss to furnish the house.

Despite of the domination of white color in the room, the bedroom looks brighter than before. The bedroom that previously dull and boring now turns into modern vintage style. The use of hardwood floor can also create cozy atmosphere to the bedroom so that it can be comfortable to live in. Emily Henderson really pay attention the room details such are the curtains, the flower in the vase, and even the ornament used to beautify the bedroom. For the curtains, Emily use practical curtain in white color. The bedroom is also beautified by the flowers in the vase.

Trying to makeover bedroom is a good idea to boost your mood to stay in. The collaborative work from Decorview and Emily Henderson may be inspired you. They have great small bedroom makeover ideas and realized it in amazing modern vintage bedroom.

Practical Curtain In White Color  The Bedroom Is Also Beautified By The Flowers In The Vase

Simple Practical Decorview Curtain In White Color Covering Transparent Glass Door Panel

Smart Use Of Practical Curtain In White Color Hanging On Wooden Curtain Hanger

Astounding Bedroom Makeover With Bright Color Of Bed Cover And White Wooden Dresssing Table Withdrawer

Beautiful Bedroom Makeover With Neat And Clean Bed With Pink Bedcover Completed With Bedroom Ornament On Both Sides

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