Inspirational Small Apartment with Calming Atmosphere in Gothenburg

Interior Design Living With Standing Lighting And Wall Lighting Also Ceiling Corner Lighting

Small apartment is not always related to the hardness of people in dealing with the limitation of space because it can also be an inspirational small apartment. This kind of apartment is the one that can make people, especially those who are living in the quite same type of apartment, have a desire to get inspired in order to make their small living spaces to be a better place for them to live in. an example of this can be seen in an <inspirational small apartment in Gothenburg that is in fact a project made by Swedish designers.

What kind of Apartment Is This?

If said in simple words, this inspirational small apartment can be said to be a one-room apartment. The reason is because it only consists of one bedroom, a bathroom, and also a kitchen area. If calculated, the size of this apartment is only 36 square meters. The layout of this apartment is actually the one that makes it a perfect living space for a couple even the fact is that it has a rather small space inside.

Special Details Located in the Apartment

In this inspirational small apartment interior design, there are in fact quite a lot of interesting details that can be found. First of all, white is a neutral color that is used in most parts of its interior. It is combined perfectly with high ceiling that make the apartment looks more spacious. Other than this, the interior is also adorned with vintage decorations and also details here and there. In bedroom area, which is actually used also as some other room types at once, a large size bed is placed in order to create more comforts. Besides this bed, there are still many other things in this vintage inspirational small apartment that makes this living space not only comfortable but also welcoming too.

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