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Glass House is one of the easiest ideas to realize your dream modern home. House with transparent glass wall is much in demand today, because in addition to characterize modern design, glass can also offer natural lighting in the room during the day, and so will save electricity. The following modern home designs from Fougeron Architecture that might inspire you to build a glass house.

The house located in San Francisco is used as a painting studio and an open living room with a different design with the surrounding homes, what else if not a transparent glass window that covers most of the exterior walls? The transparent glass allows anyone passing by to see directly into the inviting interior design. This Modern Glass House offers plenty of open space including outdoor patio, porch, deck, hallway, and parks that allow homeowners to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air around. Sitting room is furnished with a carpet of green and brown chair that connected directly to green parks through a sliding glass door, while the wooden deck with transparent glass railing that extends allow anyone to walk with ease while breathing fresh air.

The open wood deck brings you to all the public spaces consisting of a sitting room and dining room. From here, you can also see a floating staircase connecting the lower floor to the upper floor which houses the bedrooms and private den. You will not even distract from the banister choppy when you step through the stairs. Library equipped with wooden bookshelves against the wall and the desk facing the window glass that gives comfort to anyone in the work.

One thing that can be said for the design of the bedroom: great. What about wood flooring and transparent glass window that connects the bedroom with green garden outside? The bed is placed facing the transparent glass window is designed to provide flexibility for homeowners to be able to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding garden and even out of bed, not to mention the glass sliding door of Modern Glass House Designs connecting the bedroom to the open deck outside.

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