Impressive Natural House Design Dominated with Wooden Elements

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My aunt needs my help to make birthday cake for his husband. Therefore, I come into her house soon. I endure staying at her house because this house is full of natural elements. There is garden designed with green grass and stone paths in the middle of green courtyard. Colorful flowers and greenery in this green courtyard provides shady place. Natural House Design of house can be seen from wooden elements that dominates building architecture. My aunt and I often spend our spare time by relaxing under wooden pergola. Wooden pergola is equipped with white drapes.

Inspiring Exterior of Natural House Design

Green roof of pergola is derived from ivy which is arranged well. My aunt asks me to have lunch together under this pergola because long rectangle wood dining table with wooden side chairs is available here. Behind dining set there is modern kitchen furniture. It includes white kitchen island, kitchen drawers, and stainless steel kitchen appliances in contemporary style. Dark accent of kitchen contrasts with white kitchen island. Wooden deck on this pergola strengthens warm and natural touch. Next to wooden pergola, there are some chaise lounge chairs. It is right place where I can feel peaceful sense of view of Natural House Design.

Patio in this house is furnished with classy furniture. Sofas with stripes pattern and coffee table are set here. Drum floor lamp is placed next to sofa set to enlighten this space. White wall partition is adorned with circular wall mural. Wooden fence surrounding this patio is supplied with hidden light. There is dark statue that makes this space more interesting. Behind sofa set there is dark sideboard. Sectional wooden bench with grey pads and sofa cushions is set nearby wooden fence embellished by fresh greenery.

Feels Warm Sensation of Natural House Design

Interior of house is dominated with wooden accent so it feels warm. Wooden floor and wooden wall match with wooden furniture applied here. Artistic wall mural adhered on wooden wall. Wood desk and chair is set here. There is also deck bench with circular design in this room. Antique chandelier on ceiling illuminates this room for impressive interior view of Natural House Design.

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