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To improve skill in cooking, most of my neighbors ask me to teach them how to cook various types of cuisines. I have to get their house door to door in order to watch over them whether they can cook well or not. First, I go to my neighbor’s house whose house interior is dominated in pink. She says that she loves pink very much because it reflects feminine sense. When I get inside kitchen, I find glossy pink themed of kitchen which looks glaring. Glossy white kitchen cabinet is created in vintage style. Kitchen Interiors which are full of pink furniture can be reference to design unique kitchen.

Sweet Pink Kitchen Interiors

Pink kitchen cabinet is utilized to store a large number of glassware. U shaped kitchen island in pink color is layered with glossy dark color. Glossy pink kitchen drawers are equipped with small dark holders. Stainless steel sink and faucet are fixed on kitchen island. Glass windows concealed with rattan venetian blind enable sunlight brighten this kitchen. Indoor plant is available here to create fresh and peaceful atmosphere. Stainless steel range hood and kitchen appliances are fixed here. There is rectangle wood dining table which is equipped with wooden bench. I like flashy Kitchen Interiors which present glaring view. In this kitchen, I see classic chandelier hanging on ceiling to enlighten kitchen.

Cool View of Kitchen Interiors

Then I move to next neighbor who has just built contemporary house. Of course kitchen in this house is designed in contemporary flair too. Sleek marble floor of kitchen matches with futuristic kitchen furniture applied here. There is interesting decoration in kitchen which looks shiny. It is indoor garden covered by glass wall. Ornamental plants inside of this garden arouse fresh view.

Kitchen cabinet is colored in solid white. Blue and white combination of kitchen island results impressive look. Kitchen island where stainless steel basin and futuristic stove fixed seems so glossy. White kitchen cabinet and glass floating shelves are utilized to store glassware. Kitchen appliances are applied here to ease process of cooking. Flashy Kitchen Interiors in blue and white presents cool and fresh view.

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