Impressive Beach House Design in Western Australia

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I was surprised with a unique beach house which has unique beach house design which is similar to a hut. This house was designed by David Barr + Ross Brewin and is located in the southern suburban fringe of Perth, Western Australia. I found this beach house is comfortable, warm, enjoyable and appropriate for anyone who is searching for serenity with ocean panoramic view. What about the exterior design and interior design of this house? Check these out!

Exterior Beach House Design

I have some pictures of this impressive beach house. You can have a look at the pictures and find some ideas about this comfortable beach house. This house appears impressively with wood beams covering the house and giving warm ambiance inside the house. It is like a hut and supported with some zigzag poles. Appearing in white painting, some brown frames and glass windows and wall, the house looks really amazing. These beach house design ideas can be your inspiration to create your own beach house.

Interior Beach House Design

The exterior looks stunning and the interior looks more stunning. I believe in the selection of the furniture which is applied at this house gives excellent image for the interior. For example, the combination of some functional sofas with cabinet under it, the kitchen island with some stylish bar stools, some open shelves, informal dining space, and the cozy stools and bench at the lounge area are amazing. Helped by some lights, I love some pendant lamps and chandeliers, the interior looks more impressive.

I can’t imagine what a comfortable living I would have if I were there. When I need warm living with serene ambiance inside, I would have those from this amazing beach house. The exterior and interior designs of the house support the relaxing ambiance of the house. Moreover, with the panoramic view of the ocean, the living is more satisfying. All of the beach house exterior design and beach house interior design ideas above are inspirational.

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