Hybrid Bulgari Resort: Two Styles into One

Traditional Gazebo Bulgari Resort Outdoor Light Ornamental Plants

A luxurious and great appearance can be gotten from the mixture of two different styles, and Bulgari Resort proved that. Located in Bali, this resort did something like no other resort did. Wanting to be bold, the resort has a design that is rarely applied to resort. It is no other than hybrid design, where the resort blends two different styles into one. What makes the hybrid design great is that it actually works. Now the resort stands tall among the other resorts because its unique design that cannot be easily imitated.

Unique Mixture of Bulgari Resort

The traditional style of Bulgari Resort in Bali can be easily recognized from the outside. The roof of the resort is the typical roofs Balinese have for their houses, and the exterior wall design is made up of carvings and traditional wooden ornaments. The resort also has an open air hall that is made up pale wooden floor and wooden pillars with darker brown color and the corners of the hall is where the white ground garden lamps are placed. The garden of the resort is illuminated with ground lamps all over the ground, creating a harmonic and romantic ambiance.

The modern style of the resort can be easily seen more in the furniture of the resort. The couches, for example are in modern style that has simple design and usually are in the color of white. The same goes for the beds despite of the traditional motifs of the sheets. The bathtub has double color of white on the inside and dark brown on the outside. The white sink also has a modern design, since the white marble frame of the sink is attached to the wall of the bathroom. There are many other furniture, but they all point out to one thing: modernization.

Enjoying Bulgari Resort in Both Ways

The hybrid appearance makes the whole resort more unique and special. The traditional ambiance still can be felt, but the guests also can never get off from the modern furniture that is everywhere in the resort. Staying in the resort will make the guests know how it feels to live in two different styles. But that is what unique Bulgari Resort in Bali is all about, right?

Unique Pendant Lamp Laminate Flooring Bulgari Resort Great Pillars

White Pillow Case Map Wallpaper Bulgari Resort Drum Floor Lamps

White Sofa Sofa Cushions Drum Floor Lamp Bulgari Resort

Wooden Floor Tough Pillars White Drapes Bulgari Resort

Beautiful Sunset Bulgari Resort Rocky Precipice Outdoor Lights

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Sparkling outdoor lights Bulgari resort Green courtyard Ornamental plants
Leafless tree Wooden deck Chaise lounge chairs Bulgari resort
Traditional gazebo Bulgari resort Outdoor light Ornamental plants
Wooden floor Tough pillars White drapes Bulgari resort
Modern bed Bulgari resort Glass door Tribal pattern sofa cushions
Outdoor lights Bulgari resort Stone staircase Traditional building
Beautiful sunset Bulgari resort Rocky precipice Outdoor lights
Infinity pool Bulgari resort Outdoor lights Amazing ocean view
Outdoor lights Bulgari resortSwimming pool Comfort gazebo
Unique pendant lamp Laminate flooring Bulgari resort Great pillars
Bulgari resort Rustic stone wall Laminate flooring White sofa cushions
Bulgari resort Ornamental plants Great gazebo Inspiring beach view
White sofa Sofa cushions Drum floor lamp Bulgari resort
White pillow case Map wallpaper Bulgari resort Drum floor lamps
Ethnic design wall Bulgari resort Glazed pots Wooden pillar
Rustic stone wall Rattan chair White drapes Bulgari resort
Paved dock Ornamental plants Bulgari resort Inspiring patio
Pool lights Bulgari resort Unique jar Rectangular pool
Marble floor Bulgari resort Bath tub Glossy basins
Great swimming pool Bulgari resort Chaise lounge  chairs
Bulgari resort Infinity pool Mezmerising beach Beach parasols


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