Hotel Resort Beauty: Let the Sea Fills Your Heart

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Greece is full of beautiful hotel resort scattered throughout the country. What make this one special is because it positioned in the cliff with panorama to the open seas. The hotel is located in Greece traditional village and takes native culture to enhance the hotel beauty. I would love to spend my holiday here, spoiled with the nature’s beauty, the hotel luxury and staff’s friendly environment. I bet anyone who ever stays here will hesitate to return home and go back to daily routine.

This mesmerizing hotel resort was built to follow the cliff contour. Dominated with white full color, make this hotel has distinguish look over the sea. Various short and some narrow steps were added to give the guest mobility throughout this beautiful hotel while enjoying the sea breeze. In some area the steps is look modern, painted with white and blue color. But at some other part the stars use its natural material near the sea by using sands. Pots and plant is put here and there, giving green feelings to the place. One significant look is the use of rattan furniture here and there as tables and chairs.

The guest will be spoiled with a lot of outdoor activity choice. It is hard to choose which ones the best amongst the other. If you choose just to relax and feel the sun while chatting in the outside, you can choose this terrace with rattan table and sofa. Not far from it, a very inviting Jacuzzi is locate to comfort the guest needs of soft water massage and when you simply want to have sunbathe, just lie at the beds next to the Jacuzzi. More tempting look on this hotel is you can watch the sunset from the outdoor swimming pool. The pool is not too big, just enough to get your body move around. A café is placing in the corner of the area to fill the thirst after swimming.

One of the rooms has violet color theme. White sleek walls are decorated with simple walls lamp in violets. The beds, the sofa, and couch all covered in violets. This room has direct point of view to the open sea. So every time you want to go to bed, wake up after a long nap or do other activity, the sea breeze will always catch your sense. Just open your bedroom door to the sea and enjoy this mesmerizing hotel resort outside beauty.

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