Hotel Design and Decoration with Impressive Ideas

Openess With Bali Furniture Decor In Lounge Room

Special appearance of the hotel design and decoration that can make the people feel comfortable when visit that place is the atmosphere and the performance of the hotel. One of many hotels in Indonesia that have impressive idea is Coma Uma Ubud Resort in Bali. The performance of that hotel is so wonderful. There are some pictures of that hotel here. If you want to see the performance of that hotel you can see the pictures here. It can be reference for designing your hotel plan. Or it can be reference for one of some hotels which should be visiting.

The pictures are special design and decoration in hotel. You can take a look for a moment about the performance of that hotel. The background of this hotel is natural view with some trees around the hotel. The outside hotel is designed with infinity swimming pool. There are some lighting systems inside the swimming pool. So, the performance of the swimming pool in the night is so romantic. In the morning until evening usually the guests enjoy the sunrise with swim or take a rest in the chair next to swimming pool. How about hotel room decorating inside the hotel? In the inside hotel is definitely not different with outside hotel. The impressive ideas in the inside come from set of traditional chair and table with the small pool as the view in the dining room.

Then, the roof of that place is traditional roof designing model. When the guests want to go bedroom from that place, there some modern aisle models in some standing columns. In the bedroom, the bed is designed with white color for dominant. A single bed with king size is placed on the corner of the bedroom. The bed has white valance also. Then, the pattern on the top wall is flower. It is kind of ethnic flower pattern from Bali. The soft sofa and chair are arranged in the bedroom with traditional model. The most unique of this hotel is the performance of the bathroom, because the bathroom is elegant room with modern design and decoration in black color for dominant.

They are impressive pictures of the hotel. A Hotel which is has traditional design and some special rooms with modern design. But, the combination of these rooms with their own traditional and modern in hotel interior design makes the hotel seem more interesting for visiting.

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