Homestay Architecture: A Unique Place In The Middle of Nowhere

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Are you on planning to spend your weekend to Nova Scotia? Then you have to come over here on the coastline of Nova Scotia. What is up here? Well, beside enjoy the beauty of the sea and the rocky cliff on the Atlanctic’s windswept, you can also stay in the unique house that with its homestay architecture that is like floating over the ocean.

From a far vision, this unique homestay architecture is like a rectangle box made of wood that is floating or the stranded box from the sea. Here is what makes this homestay unique. This building extends over the edge of a rocky cliff and half of it drifts and supported by a large steel superstructure anchors it to the cliff. From outside of the front yard, you will only see the box made of the wood, yes, and this homestay uses wood material for most parts; and steel as the framework. There is only a door in the front part as the main entrance to the building, and the rest, the walls are completed with many glass windows to enjoy the beauty view outside and also give the natural light to go through the glass.

This homestay is two-storey building: the first storey is for the living room while the second storey is for the bed room. In the living room there is only a set of sofa and the wooden table, next to the living room there is set of wooden dining table and the kitchen. The rooms are made to be minimalist without any decoration. In the night, the lighting is made to be dim to give the feeling of peaceful and simple.

This homestay is definitely all what you need when you come over here. The focus of the interior design itself is to highlight the outside beauty of the sea. Imagine once you open your eyes, you will see the real beauty of the sea in the middle of nowhere. Or at the least, this unique homestay architecture idea can be your inspiration to be applied in your own house.

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