Homely Villa for the Homey Feeling

Rustic Villa Plant With Breezy Interior

This homely villa in Sweden designed by Haubro-Nielsen blends the three architecture influences of Japanese, Swedish, and American. With its elongated shape, this house is shady surrounded by many trees and the green yard.

From the outside this homely villa design shows modesty like another Japanese house with its wooden-based maroon painted wall. The main entrance to this house is the sliding glass wall. Once you enter this house, you will notice another Japanese element with its lanterns lamps hanging in the wood ceiling. The wall is painted white and it is full with any decoration patched to the wall like, many book shelves, framed artwork, and many paintings. You will find a heaven here if you are a book lover, since there are many books displayed on the book shelves. The biggest room is for the living area with its two fireplaces that will keep you feel warm all along the year.

The living areas are designed as cozy as possible with its sets of sofa and its pillows. This house definitely doesn’t need much electricity lamps in daylight because of the big glass windows and doors that let the natural light come in to the house. Next to the living areas there is set of dining table that fits for six people. Its candle lights make the table more elegant and suitable for the romantic dinner with your couple. Two large bedrooms are available facing the beauty view from outside; you just need to open its glass window to let the fresh air come in. There is facility for the laundry machines. Next to it, there is kitchen that full of white furnishings. The bathroom is decorated with maroon small squared patterns wallpaper with its porcelain white bath up and the white porcelain sinks.

To be staying here, you will feel the home atmosphere. Indeed, you find modesty in almost all parts with its homely villa design interior. At least, you can be inspired.

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