Holiday House: A Retreat to Family Members

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This big mansion is actually a holiday house for family. A normal mansion from the outside with its outside regular look surrounded with big green garden that invites us to play outside. This is where I want to brought my family for holiday. There are quite range entertainments in this house including big playing space for the kids and inside house indulgence for adults to enjoy the serene feelings or just simply cooking at the kitchen.

This holiday house design is basically with simple modern look with white and grey color dominated the room. While for most house it will look drab and uninviting, but this house has different outcome. White hall is decorated with shiny black furniture such as big pendant lamp in the center of the hall, rectangle picture frames on the walls around, cupboard and table lamp on the side, and a big mirror.

The open kitchen is look very modern with metal stainless color and simple design. Granite is covering the wall and part of the cabinetry table top. The refrigerator is place on the side of the kitchen facing an island with grey granite color. The cabinetry is choosing simple modern style with less ornament and hiding handle to give clean and sleek looks. You can put the kitchen appliances on the top of the kitchen table without looking scatter because there are glass windows beneath the top counter which make spacious look on the cabinetry.

The most inviting room in this house is the kid’s room. Pool table is place in the middle of the play room. The size is not as big as the original, but it function to gather the kids around and play. The toys are located in the side of the room on the white glass cabinet. The boy bedroom is decorated in airplane flying or rockets on the white walls. The designs on this room give very spacious look. Girl’s room on the other hand is painted in soft purple color with huge world map filling one side of the wall. A kitchen play is put in the corner of the room while the black grand piano is on the other side. All of this beautiful holiday house design will enchanted the visitors as well as the guest.

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