Harmonious Minimalist Villa in Wood and Glass

Sleek Kitchen Cabinets Look Great With The Stainless Kitchen Appliances Such As Hood And Refrigerators

Most of us would be surprised with the design of this minimalist villa located in Sweden. This Skeppsholmen is a small villa made from wooden materials and glass elements that are connected to the nature surrounding. It is designed in modern way by applying traditional accent. The villa looks great with the natural exterior color. Minimalist concept is perfectly applied in this villa design. Sleek look is presented by the glass windows design in the clean shape villa. Modern furniture in sleek design is placed outside this villa as the relaxing space.

This wooden minimalist villa has sleek windows and doors made of glass elements with hot colored frames. Wooden deck looks great with this wooden exterior wall. The villa interior is just as stylish as the other modern villa. Once you take a look at this interior design, you would forget that the villa is also applied the traditional look of its exterior elements. The villa living room is furnished with the sleek modern furniture. Grey sofas look great to be placed right in front of the modern fireplace.

Since it is designed in minimalist concept, the dining area is placed right beside the living room interior. The dining area has the sleek dining furniture, too. It is made from wooden in light color. A set of modern chairs look perfect surround the large wooden table in simple design. White oak flooring is perfect for this minimalist interior giving the spacious look in it.

The kitchen is also in small style. It is furnished with the contemporary kitchen furniture. The sleek kitchen cabinets look great with the stainless kitchen appliances such as hood and refrigerators. Recessed lighting installed in this kitchen make this kitchen interior looks sleek and clean. Minimalist villa materials can be the simple and common materials such as wood and glass that can be applied both in interior and exterior.

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