Green Seychelles Safari Retreat for Jungle Experience

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Staying in Seychelles Safari Retreat is an experience that will be like no other experience. Yes, the retreat might be a normal luxurious retreat with unique design here and there, but there is one thing about the retreat that stands out the most: its appearance. Living up to its name, the retreat has a safari-like appearance that will give an exciting vacation in the “wilderness” of the resort.

Modern Wilderness of Seychelles Safari Retreat

Do not worry about the whole jungle-like design of Seychelles Safari Retreat in North Island, because it is just a jungle in name and design. Of course, that means the plants used here are safe. The plants used here are large palm trees and other plants that look wild and bushy when they are gathered together, creating a jungle-like appearance to the whole retreat. For this reason, do not be surprised to see the trees everywhere in this retreat. Of course, there is always the beach and the retreat itself for those who wants to take some break from the greenery of the resort.

The veranda of the retreat faces the beach, and the veranda is decked with white reclining chairs on its wooden floor to give maximum enjoyment of the sea. There is also the swimming pool for those who want to enjoy the sea while doing another thing at the same time. However, the scenery can also be enjoyed from the inside because of the private rooms that are decked in glass walls and doors. This way, the guests will sleep on the white double bed or the white single bed across it with the scenery for the background. The rooms also have felt natural not only because of the scenery though, but also because of the natural materials of the rooms that consists of woods and rattan.

Feeling Fresh from Seychelles Safari Retreat

As it can be seen from the pictures, everything about the retreat is green. Greenery is everywhere, from the sides of the retreat to the sides of the beach. Even some of the paths that lead to the gazebo are decked in greenery. Everything about this retreat is about greenery. This greenery, of course, is what makes the retreat special. When will we get refreshed from the greenery except when visiting the heavenly Seychelles Safari Retreat in North Island?

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Seychelles Safari Resort Coconut Trees White Sand Thatched Roof

Seychelles Safari Resort Coconut Trees Wonderful Ocean View

Seychelles Safari Resort Coconut Trees Wooden Deck Outdoor Lights

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