Great-Looking House Near Moscow as an Example

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Stumbling upon great houses might be some of the greatest accidents in life, and this what happened between Manolo Yllera and the house near Moscow. This is a great accident though, because thanks to this accident, the hidden gem that is located nearby Moscow is finally revealed to this world. This hidden gem has such amazing design that I am encouraging the designers to use this work as inspiration at times. This way, the hidden gem can be useful, and designers can be more creative.

Hidden Gem in the House Near Moscow

Seriously, the photos of the house near Moscow by Manolo Yllera showed the great design of the house. First of all, the house is extremely spacious thanks to the high ceiling of the house. This way, the house will not feel compact at all despite of the wooden wall and gray floor decking up the house. Some of the floors are made of wood though. Of course, this also means an additional floor at the top, and this additional floor is connected to the first floor with a wooden stair. Moreover, some parts of the walls are made of glass, giving a clear view of the beautiful outside scenery of the house.

Of course, the furniture contributes as much as the basic structure at making the house looking beautiful and elegant. Long modern chandeliers in modern designs can be seen decking the ceiling of the house, having some of them hanging on the clear blue swimming pool inside. Gray-colored couches are also decking the living room, facing the glass wall for some natural enjoyment. Of course, for those who wants to feel nature directly can always go to the veranda that is decorated with black chairs and mini sunflowers. Pretty beautiful and relaxing, is it not?

Inspiration in the House in Moscow

The house might be nameless, but that should not stop the designers for using this house as inspiration. Honestly, this house is perfect. It has a simple but enchanting design everybody will love, and the house also has the perfect greenery that would create the natural aspect of this house. Even though the photos of the elegant house near Moscow by Manolo Yllegera are photos only, they will definitely give a difference to everybody’s imaginations.

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