Great Housing Problem with Little Problem

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A small apartment is no problem for many, and a small apartment called Housing Problem is a proof of that. Located in Moscow, the small apartment does not stop the designer, SL Project, from designing the apartment neatly and in style. In fact, the house looks big and spacy now thanks to SL Project’s design. The design of the apartment will make people hardly notice the small size of the apartment.

Housing Problem’s Spacey Design

Trust me, not many would notice the small size of Housing Problem by SL Project. It makes sense though, seeing the pictures of the apartment. SL Projects smartly makes sure that the middle section of the apartment has little or no furniture at all. This is done by putting every furniture, from the gray couch with wooden design to the television on the white shelf, at the side of the the walls. Meanwhile, the wooden frame of the couch extends all the way to the right side, where it creates a whole new wooden floor that is higher in level compared to the original cream-colored floor. On the wooden floor, two study desks in black and white are placed at the the sides also, backing each others face.

There is no need to look for the bedroom, because the bedroom itself is in the very same room of the living room. At the part of the gray couch that touches the wooden floor, additional green small mattress is placed so that the resident can sleep freely whenever he wants to. Dot worry about sleeping lamps, because lamps in different colors are placed under the white television shelf, above the gray couch, and behind the white curtain of the window. The colors are red, purple, and green.

Small “Wide” Area of Housing Problem

Just by looking at the pictures, little will people realize that everything is actually is one room. Entertainment room, bedroom, and even study room – everything is in one place. Even the while shelves for storage is in the same room, since it is placed right above the television. Yet, the house is still stylish and modern, not to mention the spacy ambiance it gives. As it can be seen from the minimalist Housing Problem by SL Project, an apartment’s size does not matter as long as the design is done properly.

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