Great Counter Tops and Their Variety

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Kitchen counter tops are definitely important piece of furniture of the kitchen, right? Of course it is! Without them, I do not know how a kitchen can work properly. Counter tops are not only pieces of furniture that serve as decorations for the kitchen, but it also has a role of being the haven for those who wants to cut things up during their cooking section in the kitchen. Where would the residents cut their vegetables if there are no counter tops? For this reason, I am going to give some short mentions about the kinds of counter tops in this world and their designs that make each counter top different.

Different Kinds of Kitchen Counter Tops

The kitchen counter tops’ many kinds out there are, surprisingly, not little in size. The most common one is definitely the counter top that is made of concrete. This counter top is usually wrapped in white with black marble or stone for its surface. For those who want something unique, they should definitely use butcher block because of its square design with a dent in the middle of the wooden surface. There is also the reclaimed wood used for some counter tops, meaning that the counter tops are made with second-hand woods. They definitely have rustic and classical ambiances in it their own. Last but not least counter top made of wood is the cork that is light in design and weight.

There are, of course, some counter tops made of different materials other than woods. There are counter tops that are made with stainless steel, with the rest of the kitchen usually follows the lead of the counter top. Soapstone is also an option for a granite-like material that can be decked in black and white gorgeously. Slace, quartz, pewter are other materials that can make up a counter top, having the three of them in the warm colors such as light brown or light gray most of the time. For a friendly counter top, go for the recycled glass that can be created out of any second-hand wood or cork. There are many kinds of counter tops out there, but these are the common ones.

Picking the Right Kitchen Counter Tops

As it can be seen, the variety of the counter tops is not little. This is where the resident comes into play though. He should pick the best counter top he is most comfortable with, not to mention that the counter top should match the kitchen theme’s style. This way, kitchen counter tops’ many kinds serve as the gate that leads people to a comfy and stylish kitchen.

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