Grand Romeo and Juliet for a Romantic Vacation

San Cassian Pink Romeo And Juliet Hotel Luxury Lamp

For those who want to know how it feels to be Romeo and Juliet, they are free to come to Romeo and Juliet Hotel. Well, the hotel will not give some tragic love story service, but at least it will give the ambiance of one. Residing in the heart of Italy’s Venice, the hotel recreates the classical surrounding that was used for Romeo and Juliet through the color schemes and the other designing tricks used in this hotel.

Rome and Juliet’s Era in Romeo and Juliet Hotel

The romantic yet tragic feeling between Romeo and Juliet can definitely be felt in the Romeo and Juliet Hotel in Venice. The beds are wrapped with metallic sheets of different but elegant color, from the mud green to the deep red that are used for formal events. The walls usually follow the color of the beds, but most of the rooms have the floor made of stony material. Many of the rooms’ ceilings are also painted into traditional paintings that are normally used for churches’ ceilings, condensing the classical ambiance of the house. What hurts if the fact that a bouquet of roses would be placed in middle of the bed, making the room more romantic but also tragic remembering the hotel’s name.

However, the hall of the hotel is pretty modern and up-to-date with the latest trend. The reception desk is made of white stone that stands out proudly next to the red-orange table where fliers and vouchers are placed. Next to the flier table, a dark-colored leather love seat is placed under the classical carpet that decorates the black floor. The dining room has the same kind of floor as the rooms’, but what make it different is the white dining tables covered in white sheets and the futuristic white chairs for the tables. Still in elegant colors, the public rooms are closer to the modern age when it comes to design and styles.

Modern Time Romeo and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet Hotel

Living up to its name, the hotel with the name of Romeo and Juliet gives exactly the classical vibe and ambiance that would be there if the couple really did exist. This makes the hotel the perfect hotel for young couples who want to vow their moments together. Through this classical Romeo and Juliet Hotel in Venice, love stories will be revived again in Venice, but now they will have happier endings then this fictional couple.

Rome Giulietta Romeo And Juliet Hotel Black Floor

Rome Giulietta Romeo And Juliet Hotel Black Glossy Floor

Romeo And Juliet Hotel  White Table Cloth

Romeo And Juliet Hotel Classic Hanging Lamp

Romeo And Juliet Hotel Green Tiles Bathroom

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