Gorgeous Heinz Julen Loft with Switzerland’s Scenery

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Heinz Julen Loft is a perfect house for those who live in a place with great scenery, especially places like Switzerland. The design is created in such a way that the house is also decorated with the natural surroundings of the house – a perfect design for those who are living in Switzerland. Trust me, using this design as inspiration will make one feel the beauty of nature both inside and outside of the house.

Seeing Nature in Heinz Julen Loft

When I say that the resident can feel the nature even though he is inside the building, I really mean it. This is because of the design of Heinz Julen Loft in Switzerland where the exterior design of the house is made of glass. Yes, the outside wall is in glass. From the first floor to the second floor, everything is decked in outside glass wall. There is no need to worry about privacy, because the house is located in a secluded location, so nobody will be able to spot the house easily. Thanks to the glass wall, the beauty of Switzerland can be easily enjoyed from every corner of the house.

Of course, the beauty is not only from the outside because the interior design is also beautiful as the natural design outside. Inside these glass walls, a big and warm living room is located. The living room has blue couches with wooden frame, and across the couches is a hanging white fireplace that is attached to the glass wall. Behring the couch is a meeting table that is decked in wood, just like the moveable table placed next to the meeting table. On the right side of the couch is where the classic black piano is placed, right below the hanged extra floor that has a single flower placed on top of it. At the top floor is where the bedroom resides. The bed is a simple white bed that has frame of a massage bed frame. The black bathtub is placed next to the black sofa, with white bathroom curtain separating the two different elements.

Heinz Julen Loft’s Simple Nature

As it can be seen, everything about the house is spacey and simple. The house is neat, orderly, and simple, making the scenery outside as the thing that stands out the most. That is the point of the house though, since the resident can “live” in harmony with nature this way. The design of the elegant Heinz Julen Loft in Switzerland is definitely for those who want to be with nature all the time.


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