Gorgeous Contemporary House with Outsmart Ideas

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Modern but has ouch of natural element is the theme of this contemporary house. Located in vast area, this house is fall in love with Mahogany wooden element. The house is covered in Mahogany wooden plank including walls, floors and ceiling. While the other area that is not covered with wood is replace with glasses. Like most modern houses in the western world, this house has flat roof to minimizing adornment and to give sleek look to the house. The roof also enhances the cubical design of the house.

Natural Element in Contemporary House

The house entrance is made of pale color marble while on the side of the marble is place the soil with natural dry bushes and trees to match the wooden exterior color. This contemporary house exterior look is quite simple. The garden only uses tidy green grass and some natural stone next to the bushes. On the backyard the owner and guess allow to be entertained with the pool on the corner and patio. This area is place side by side to create communication between the people in those two areas.

Arranging Contemporary House

Take a look inside the house and you will see that you can see each other even though you are not in the same room. This is allowed by the use of great opening in every side of the house. Instead of using brick of walls as partition, this house is using glass windows that stretched from the floor to ceiling and connected alley to diverse the area. This way every member of the family can have their own activities while still knowing what others do. In fact from the entrance you can see through until the backyard area clearly.

This house has a high ceiling which allows more air and light to come inside. The lower lever is made mainly for activity room where you can find living room, dining room, kitchen and pantry. While in the upper lever is more private where you can find children bedroom and bathroom. The upper level only apply on the side of the house, not thoroughly, allows the living room and dining room to have high ceilings. Look more of these pictures and you can see there are so many contemporary house design ideas to outsmart the place and allowing the silent interaction between people in the house and the use of furniture which enhance natural environment.

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