Glamorous Armchair Designs for the Beetle Lover

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Decorating a room will be uncompleted without chairs or sofa. There are many interesting chair designs which you can choose based on the room’s design. Adjust the chair design with the room design will make the room look more fascinating. Armchair becomes one of the best chairs which can make the house more amazing. Various armchair designs are made to make the customers feel more attracted with it. Sometimes, the designers also cooperate with another expert to make a new idea for the armchair.

Andrea Colombo who are interested with iconic cars and Linda Assandri who really like Swarovski and the other glamor details are working together to make this fantastic armchair. The Glamor Beetle Armchair is one of those fantastic designs which used in an armchair. This unique armchair is an example of the modern armchair designs which will the room more artistic. With the cooperation of car art and baroque elements, this distinctive armchair is made.

This unconventional furniture is a luxurious armchair. It can be like that since it is completed with the silver leaf or gold leaf. The quality of this product is no doubt very high. A highly qualified Italian craftsmen team is he maker of this glamour armchair. For the unique person, this armchair will be very suitable. You can easily notice this awesome armchair with its unusual look. It looks like the front side of a white Beetle with luxurious look lather in the middle of it.

It look very real since it is using upholstered chair and the real VW Beetle wings completed with the LED lights and Swarovski crystals. These fabulous ornaments on this armchair make it more stunning. This amazing armchair is available in black and red color choices. The design for this armchair is one of the best armchair designs which already made.

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