Futuristic Vondom for Stylish Appearance

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The amazing outdoor furniture Vondom would change the outdoor garden like no other gardens in the neighborhood. This is because of the unique outdoor furniture that is designed like no other furniture, both on the inside and the outside. This piece of outdoor furniture is not the usual outdoor furniture that is easily spotted on everybody’s neighborhood, as Ramon Esteve tweaks it here and there.

Modern Vondom

Of course, the appearance of Vondom by Ramon Esteve is already something unique. It is a small reclining bed that has a block of material as its support instead of legs. This block of white material then extends all the way to the top of the white cushion, creating a covering for the daybed. This outdoor furniture has a true unique appearance, is it not? This would bring everybody’s gardens to a whole new level.

However, its diamond-like shape is not the only thing that makes this outdoor furniture special. That special covering for shading the cushion can be moved at will. That is right, the daybed can be closed and opened up to one’s desire! For those who wants to sunbathes, do not worry because the shading is translucent, allowing some sun rays to enter the daybed despite its closed state. As if that is not enough, the daybed has built-in speakers that can play music when it is connected to a smartphone whatsoever through bluetooth! To make this daybed more amazing, Ramon Esteve installed wheels for the daybed, allowing the daybed to be moved anytime, anywhere, any moment. Comfort is the number one priority though. The daybed is installed with soft white cushions that would brig relaxation to its user. It is just that the unique shape will make everything more comfortable and unique. Who would not want a comfortable condition that is shaded from the sunlight properly? This and the daybed’s unique design and structure are the things that make this daybed different from the rest.

Vondom for a Unique Vibe

The technology fused with this daybed is something that is rare in this designing world. Not only that, the diamond-like shape of the daybed also makes it stand out among other furniture, making it the center of attention. Using the stylish Vondom by Ramon Esteve will give a truly different experience that is also unique and exciting.

Modern FAZ Daybed Versatile Faz Daybed Equipped

Versatile Faz Daybed Equipped FAZ Daybed

Versatile Faz Daybed Equipped Ideas Modern FAZ Daybed

Versatile Faz Daybed Equipped Modern FAZ Daybed

Versatile Faz Daybed Equipped Modern FAZ Daybed Outdoors

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