Futuristic Parametrix Kitchen for a Futuristic Time

Wooden Rack Parametrix Futuristic Kitchen Design

Stumbling upon Parametrix Kitchen in Moscow is definitely one of my best mistakes. This kitchen is built by Geometrix for a family, but there kitchen does not give away its use for a family thanks to the futuristic design it has. The kitchen has unusual elements fused in one room in this kitchen, creating an unusual result and ambiance itself. Nevertheless, the kitchen is still gorgeous with its effects whatsoever.

Living in the Future with Parametrix Kitchen

Despite of its flashy appearance, Parametrix Kitchen by Geometrix actually has a great design that gives a comforting ambiance. A white couch, for example, is placed at the side of the “brick” wall, while another row of couch in its own is installed inside the brick wall also. Across the couch is where the table is located, complete with its card game background (for the surface) and two futuristic black chairs. A piece of glass hanger is hanging above the table that has white flower for its centerpiece and a shelf is in its own at the bottom. The kitchen at the back of the table is probably one of the most normal aspects of this room, since the kitchen is decked with white counter tops, cabinets, and so on.

What is the futuristic aspect of this house except the table then? As it can be seen from the pictures, the kitchen has different kinds of themes for its walls. There is a “brick” wall, but there is also a wooden-paneled wall that is inserted with lights in the gaps. Lights can also be found in the glass hanger, and the lights have more than one color. A mirror with the shape of a bat is installed at the other brick side of the wall, while large square window without frame is placed at the back of the couch. While there are some normal aspects in the kitchen, the unusual aspects cannot help but stand out more.

Relaxing Futuristic Moments in Parametrix Kitchen

The kitchen is definitely different from normal kitchens, is it not? The normal aspects are definitely normal, but the unusual aspects actually managed to surpass the limit of being unusual. However, everything is great. Geometrix skillfully combined two different elements into one harmonious element that gives comfort and style to the house. The unusual Parametrix Kitchen by Geometrix is definitely worth the amount of money spent on it.

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